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Join us for three facilitated community conversations about your plans for death through sharing and experiential exercises. We will explore dos and don'ts, good healthcare agent qualities, and what specific plans and actions you may want to make ahead of time. Expect lively discussions, laughter, and support, as we discuss what we want and what we don’t want for those final days.

• April 5th at 7 p.m. – Let’s Talk About Death: In this session we’ll explore, in both small and large groups, what we wish for at the end of our life. We’ll also explore the importance of choosing the best person (or people) to act as a healthcare agent for you or your loved one.

• April 12 at 7 p.m. - Let’s Get Our Affairs in Order: In this session, we’ll explore how to create a book or file that includes all of the important paperwork that will need to be on hand as you are in your final days and after your death. Why leave the experience to chance (and why put the pressure on your loved ones) when you can make your wishes known now, and your passwords all in one place? Creating a “death book” can provide a roadmap for your loved ones and help you clarify, even more, how you want the end to play out.

• April 19 at 7 p.m. - Let’s Share the Love: What do you want to say and to whom before you go? Leaving a letter of love to the most important people in your life can be powerful both for you and the recipient. Together, we’ll make a comprehensive list and get started on these important legacy letters.

Important: These are not estate planning workshops nor are they lectures. Instead, they are guided conversations to encourage individual action and end of life decisions that may lead to reflections and further action with legal experts, health care providers, spiritual care advisors and family members.

Questions or to become an event sponsor call 515-332-7626

Our Purpose

The Humboldt County Hospice Foundation’s purpose is to assist Humboldt County hospice patients and families with needs identified by the hospice team. The goals of the foundation are:

  • To be a financial support for the Hospice Team.
  • To be an educational resource for the general public regarding hospice concepts, philosophies and attitudes related to the death and dying process. 
  • To support the bereavement services as coordinated by the Hospice Team.
  • To demonstrate the need for philanthropic and public funds to support such activities.


We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of their support throughout the years. All donations made to the Humboldt County Hospice Foundation are used for items such as: patient care, purchasing equipment, community education, training of staff members, volunteer recruitment and retention, bereavement services, Path of Life Garden and the Hospice Room. These funds are all kept in Humboldt County and used for future Humboldt County patients and their care.

Path of Life Garden

In 2005 the Humboldt County Hospice Foundation board members looked at projects using donated funds to benefit the community, to promote end of life care, including Hospice, and to further their primary goal of educating the public in such care. They also wanted to find a means to honor, recognize and memorialize loved ones.

To fulfill this vision the ‘Path of Life Garden’ was constructed in the area adjacent to Long Term Care near Hwy 3. The 3,000 square foot garden includes a gazebo, sitting areas, beautiful landscaping and pathways of pavers. This garden is wheelchair accessible and open 24/7.

The path is paved with several personalized engraved bricks. People may wish to dedicate a brick in honor, in memory of, or in tribute to a special loved one. The bricks will be engraved in the option you choose.

Pavers are installed once a year in the spring.

The ‘Path of Life Garden’ was developed as a memorial to our loved ones, constructed for the enjoyment of the community and for those who have used hospice. A place to find joy and quiet remembrance.

We would like to acknowledge the following who made special contributions to this project:

  • St. Johns Charitable Trust
  • Humboldt County Memorial Hospital
  • Wempen’s Nursery & Landscaping Company
  • Steve Walters
  • Gunder Church Furniture Company
  • Mike & Pat Pedersen
  • Tom Atwood (Cornerstone Computers & Travel)
  • The Humboldt Independent

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Light Up A Life

2020 Light Up A Life In Memory Of and In Honor Of Names

The Light Up A Life program gives families the opportunity to memorialize friends and family, as well as recognize those living persons who are significant in our lives. At the same time, we are providing funds so that Hospice care will always be available to terminally ill patients and their families. 100% of the money raised from this event remains in Humboldt County for Hospice care and Respite Service. 

A light or lights may be placed on the tree by filling out this form with a tax-deductible cash or check donation and returning it to the Humboldt County Hospice Foundation.

If you so desire, those honored and families of those memorialized will be sent notification of your thoughtfulness and an invitation to the ceremony. In addition, all the names will be read during the event.

We welcome your support. We also thank you in advance for your generosity to Hospice. It is your support and the support of the community that allows these services to continue for all families in the community.

Board Members

The hospice board meets bi-monthly.

Jennifer Skow
Richard Miller
Jim Sayers
Jeanie Northrup
Craig Christensen
Nancy Jensen
Sharon Erickson
Jean Bunz

Hospital Appointments

Andie Thompson, CMA, Patient Care Coordinator
Mardi Ratzlaff, Director of Community Development

Humboldt County Hospice Foundation
PO Box 183, Humboldt, IA 50548
Phone (515) 332-7626