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When a life-limiting illness no longer responds to treatment, the conversation about next steps is one that no one can ever be fully prepared to have, whether it is your own end-of-life care or that of a loved one or family member. At Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, our promise to our patients and their families is to partner in providing a hospice service with experienced and knowledgeable professional help as you face the reality of the situation.

We offer a holistic approach to care, including both the physical and emotional needs of the patients and caregivers. We provide supplemental care to assist the patient’s primary caregiver, whether that be a family member, friend or facility. Hospice care is about assisting the patient and the family, about providing care and compassion to a person during the end of their life and about supporting families and loved ones through a difficult journey. Hospice is a palliative program, not a curative program. This means that when a person is on hospice care, we will be working on keeping the patient comfortable either through the use of medications, social support, therapies, etc. Hospice is a very open-minded program – we want to do whatever the patients and families want. Keep in mind, this is your loved one that is on hospice care and no one knows them better than you do – we are a support to help out during this difficult time.

The hospice team for Humboldt County consists of HCMH staff and the Humboldt County Hospice Foundation. Hospice care providers in our area consist of UnityPoint Hospice, Kindred Hospice, and St. Croix Hospice. This team may involve a hospice nurse, social worker, medical director, primary care physician, pharmacist, volunteer and bereavement coordinators, as well as massage therapist or music therapist and a team of other experts that will assist in providing care to your loved ones right beside you.

Our promise at HCMH is to provide the highest quality of care, always and to help our patients achieve the most comfort and dignity possible. The hospice benefit is a comprehensive health care approach designed for patients and their families coping with a life-limiting illness. When a patient is placed in the hospice suite at HCMH, patients and loved ones may rest assured that they are receiving the type of care that we would want for our own loved ones. Your loved one will be cared for with compassion, respect, dignity, genuine kindness and loyalty.

HCMH provides services regardless of patient’s ability to pay. Hospice care is most likely funded by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or private funding. The Humboldt County Hospice Foundation assures that no Humboldt County hospice patient will ever go without service due to a payment issue. Patient services are provided without regard to race, color, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, handicap (mental or physical) or place of national origin.

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