Interpreter Services | Humboldt County Memorial Hospital

Humboldt County Memorial Hospital (HCMH) provides interpretation services for a variety of languages including American Sign Language at no cost to the patient. These services are available for a patient, family member or employee upon request. It is our intent to provide equal access to, and equal participation in, healthcare treatment and education for persons with hearing, vision, language, speech, or cognitive impairments, and for persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

Requesting/Scheduling an Interpreter

To request or pre-schedule an interpreter, patients, family, employees may contact HCMH by phone at 515-332-4200.

Foreign Language Interpreting

Services are provided through the telephone using Optimal Phone Interpreters. We will provide all the necessary equipment.

American Sign Language

If possible, we ask that the patient or family call prior to your appointment in order to schedule a sign interpreter to meet with you at your arrival.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Patients or Companions

To ensure effective communication with patients, their family members, and companions who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide auxiliary aids and services free of charge, such as; sign language and oral interpreters, TTY's, video remote interpreting (VRI), written materials, pocketalkers (amplifer), and open and closed captioning of most programs.

Please ask your nurse or other hospital personnel for assistance, or contact HCMH by calling (515) 332-4200.