10% Discount on your bill if paid within 30 days


At Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, we treat our patients with dignity and respect regardless of their ability to pay for care.

When receiving services at the hospital, it is important to register at the Patient Registration Desks in the lobby area. Gathering personal and demographic information is the first step in documenting your services for your medical records. A record is maintained for every inpatient and outpatient service provided at the hospital. Medical records are kept in strict confidence and information is released only within the HIPAA Privacy guidelines.

We want to be sure you understand the charges related to your services. In addition to hospital charges, you may also receive a separate bill for physicians, radiology or pathology services. The Business Office will be glad to assist you with your billing questions.

If you have insurance or Medicare, the information on your card is vitally important. To assist us in filing your claims and making the most of your benefits:

  • Does the service you will receive require pre-authorization?
  • Understand the provisions of your insurance – coverage limitations, deductibles, co-pays, etc.
  • If you receive any questionnaires from your insurance, complete and return them promptly
  • Please advise the office if you have made any changes in your insurance

If payment arrangements need to be made, we request that you speak with one of our patient accounts representatives. Call (515) 332-4200.

We also offer a 10% prompt pay discount for patients on balances paid in full within 30 days of their first statement. 

Our billing team is happy to assist you with any billing questions.